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Everythings Different

There are moments in life when everything changes, the world is synchronized and your spirit, mind and body come together. For me this past weekend "changed" everything. Every year our ministry has an event to help launch kids into the school year with free backpacks and supplies. We also cut their hair and fed them. We were able to put backpacks on 400 kids, fill them with supplies and cut 100 heads of hair too! Watching the mothers and fathers come into to be blessed by God was inspiring and moving in many ways. I was so thankful that God had blessed all of our people in such a way that we were able to accomplish something wonderful for Him.
On Saturday night, our junior and senior high youth finished their first ever four night revival. At least a dozen kids came from the back2school event to be part of our ministry for the first time. Seven of them were saved! And then Sunday at The Landing, we used our service to celebrate children with our theme being, "children are a gift from God, a reward from him." For one hour I witnessed children ages 4-18 use their gifts and talents in a way that made God smile and blessed every one in the auditorium. I was like a proud father watching his children be completely successful.
Children are a gift and they are our future. Their God-given dreams and passions need to be nurtured and extracted to bring God glory. And when they are, well you have a moment like I did...a moment where everything is synchronized...your heart beats with love and your spirit rises up to overwhelm you with joy. How many gifts from God are in your life? How many of you have been rewarded more than once. Blessed are the to God about your kids, then talk to your kids about God!