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Highly Favored

When is the last time that you got up in the morning and called yourself a success? It sounds sort of funny to look in the mirror and say, hey good lookin, you who are highly favored! There are only 2 kinds of people, those that get up in the morning and say…Good Morning Lord! And those that get up and say, Good Lord, its morning! Today, why don't you call yourself a success…expect yourself to be promoted…see yourself in situations where the absolute best things are happening to you. Ask the Lord to guide you to the places where you can have the most impact, where your gifts can be utilized to their fullest.
When I look through spiritual eyes at people in the circles that I run, I see people acknowledging everything but the favor of God. They are living under curses of poverty, sickness, confusion, depression…the list is unbelievable. And all of these things did not “happen” to them. They agreed with the spirit of the thing and became partners with it…attached to it. We must learn how to pray in such a way that these unhealthy things that attach to us can be disconnected. A great deal of the time, we keep that shield of favor from completely covering us by letting things and people suck the life out of us. We entertain thoughts that we should have held captive. We listen to words that we should have rebuked. We become supportive of things that we should have been opposed to. 
It's time to taste the flavor of favor. God has surrounded you with His blessing and there is nothing that can keep you away from walking in that favor daily. You are  Highly Favored today!