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Scheduling Off-Time

I wonder if this has ever happened to you: woke up today, realized that I missed my summer vacation this year as the kids start school Thursday! Already? What happened to summer? I got even more tired and exhausted after that revelation consumed me.
There is a reason that life has breaks in it. A time to work, a time to worship and yes, a time to rest!
How do you schedule your time off? For me there is always something that seems like it must be done or needs to be watched over. I started off this year intending to take a short little break at least four times this year. I accomplished the time off in February. Stayed on schedule for two months! Since then, I have done a terrible job at keeping the balance. Perhaps I need to revise the way I schedule time away from the daily grind?I think so.
How about you? Are you a workaholic who is allowing what you think needs to be done to rob you of time for your family and yourself? Take a personal inventory today and see what the Lord can do!