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Pieces of Faith

Imagine a young girl asleep on the second story of her home. She awakes one night—middle of the night—and there is the smell of acrid smoke. She stumbles to the door and opens it to a sheet of fire. The young lady slams the door against the flames and stumbles to the window and stares down into the smoke and the darkness. From the ground below the young lady hears her father's voice saying, "Honey, jump!"
The young lady replies, "But, Daddy, I can't see you."
The father replies, "It's all right, Honey, I can see you. Jump!"
So the young lady jumps into her father's arms.
Faith often comes in pieces. It's one piece of faith for that young lady to believe her father is there. It's another piece of faith to believe in her father, to feel that her father is able to catch her. It's the essence of faith to throw herself into a father's waiting arms.

Don't worry if you're still learning how to rely upon your heavenly Father. Keep trusting Him and soon you will be putting all the pieces together.

(special thanks to article by Haddon Robinson)