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Share a Cup Friday!

After more than 1000 cups have been poured, the first edition of the book delivered via Kindle, Nook and Itunes, there is no better time than today to pick your favorite cup from the past and share it.
When we started we did not have to benefit of Facebook or Twitter and today, people all over the world are enjoying Cup of Joe as it is poured out daily right here in Oklahoma!
On the right side of the blog page is an archived list of previous articles by week they came out and title. Choose an article and it will pop up on the screen. At the bottom of the article you will find some buttons that link to all the ways you can share a cup with someone else. You can email, tweet, post, and more! Every day these sharing features are available at the end of each encouraging word so that you can pour out a fresh cup of flavor for your friends and family.
Yesterday we saw at that we were one of the top ten blogs for daily inspiration! Sweet! So today, grab your favorite and share it. Everyone can use a rich blend of inspiration for their daily grind!