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What If Apple Inc. was President?

With stocks on a roller coaster, all political parties at odds with each other and a growing dissatisfaction of the way this country is lead I wondered why we don’t just let Apple Inc. run the nation?
Lost of my life I was a PC person with a Blackberry. I could not live without either of these devices. Then this little Cupertino company started to deliver some alternatives to me. They were shaped different, operated differently than mine did and looked like they would take some getting used to. It seemed that many people were jumping out of the PC and into the Mac, away from Blackberry to the Iphone. I was loyal, dedicated, a bit leery of change and unwilling to cross-over party boundaries.
One day, I decided why not give it a try. I purchased the first generation Iphone at the end of its sales cycle and traded my PC in for a new MacPro. I was nervous and a bit anxious about the transition. For a season I was unable to email and text from my phone because my fingers rebelled from the touch pad device. All of the buttons for closing files and opening them on the computer were located in different spots and my world was chaos.
For a brief moment, I wanted to scrap it all and go back to what I knew so well. I wanted toss my Apple and fall into the arms of my PC. But Apple Inc. kept coming at me with so many things that I “needed”. Each new thing they did made my life a little nit easier. Every year there was an update and an upgrade that could make things even better. Not only that but as my life got better, Apple Inc. got wealthier. Hmmm…what if Apple ran this country? The country would be raking in the dough and making things work for Joe!
It’s time to give the people of this great nation what they need, not what they want. It’s time to lead by making new jobs available, upgrades to existing ones and updates to our rules and regulations. The transition time for change is over. It's time to be faster, sleeker, and more user-friendly. As our leaders lead and make things better for us, maybe then can the debts be diminished and the coffers filled again. If Apple can do it, we can too!