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Be A Blessing

The bible says "do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing..." It seems much easier to say than it does to do. The natural response most of us have to anyone that insults us is to come back with an insult of our own. If you have ever put lighter fluid on a burning fire than you know what happens when you return an insult for an insult. Rather than engage in a rage just turn the page. Move on!
When you learn the art of blessing those that curse you or insult you, you set in motion a lifestyle that brings blessing into your life. What you do to others always seems to be done to bless them!
Saying no to negative joy-stealing words and yes to all of the possibilities that come from a life filled with faith and hope will change everything. Don't attach yourself to an environment that you do not want. Inherit a blessing by being a blessing today!