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Hall of Famer

Mickey Mantle, the late Hall-of-Famer for the New York Yankees, was a teenager when the Yankees sent him back to the minors in 1951. Convinced he couldn't make it as a ballplayer, Mantle called his father, who came to Kansas City and found a tearful Mickey ready to quit the game. 'OK, son, if that's all the guts you have, you might as well come home with me and work in the zinc mines,' the elder Mantle said. His dad's challenge stung Mantle back to reality, and he went on to greatness. Mickey got back in the game! 
How about you? Are you sitting in the dugout on the bench because your feelings were hurt? Are you carrying a grudge to the plate that you should have released long ago? Life is too short to miss the moments of joy that God has prepared for you. Keep swinging! You have to get in the game!
"If that's all the guts you have..." hear the challenge today for you. It's time for a new Hall of Famer to arise!