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Last Day

This weekend we are hosting three performances of a play called Last Day. It deals with the subject of where you spend eternity and the possibility of what may happen when life here is over. As I watched the final practice last night I thought about the choices that I make each and every day. Some of them are great and take me to fantastic places. Others are not so great and can cause some serious and troubling consequences. As I pondered these choices I thought about what I would do if I had just 24 hours left. How would my life be different if this was my last day?
Who would I have conversations with and where would I go? What kind of emotions would I be feeling? Life has many choices but eternity only two: to spend it with God or to spend it without him.
Take some time today to take inventory of where you are spending your time, using your talent and investing your money. Place all these things into the hands of the Lord and he will shape your life into something that matters here and finishes with him.
If you are in the Tulsa area, come on out and see one of the three performances @thelanding.
Saturday at 7, Sunday at 10am and 6pm.