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Take the Call

This morning there was a pull from heaven to begin to pray. I simply felt a "call to prayer". It was a divine call for those that were in my life and those whose lives I am connected to directly and indirectly. I took this "call" as a divine mandate to tune it to God and listen. As I prepared to pray many others allowed me to join with them regarding specific needs that they had in their world.
Something began to happen. It was as if a window in heaven was opening up and God was pouring out some amazing, life-transforming blessings upon his people. I felt life "shifting" and re-alinging itself with His plans and purposes. I felt a connection, a spiritual connection to everyone that was in prayer with me.
As I sit here now rejoicing over these moments that I have spent talking to God, I am so glad I "took the call". Maybe he is calling you today too? Don't let it go to voicemail and never let yourself be too busy to stop and talk. Take the call:)