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Armor All 2

After the belt of truth, Paul described some more armor that every spiritual warrior needs. Next came the breastplate of righteousness. The incredible awesome breastplate that covered the front and the back of the soldier. If kept shining and polished up it could blind the enemy as well as protect the soldier! From the waist down it looked more like a metal skirt. It ended just above the knee.
The belt held it in place and kept it in position. After the breastplate Paul goes to the footwear. Guys and gals like shoes but these were not shoes for comfort they were shoes for battle. Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. These shoe were strapped on up to the knee and on the bottom there were spikes: little ones for civilian wear and longer ones for soldiers. The idea was to strap on these shoes and help you stand your ground, firm-footed and ready to tread on all evil. So many folks today run around with their laces open and their shoes untied!
If you don't wear your breastplate you are vulnerable in many areas. Your heart is covered by the breastplate of righteousness. And if you are wearing the wrong shoes...well you already know how that feels:)
Are you making the right choices for the right reasons and surrounding yourself with the right people? Are your shoes tied? When a mans ways please the Lord, even his enemies will be at peace with him, Be  righteous peacemaker today!