Armor All 3

I guess you can see the outfit coming together by now! Got the shoes, the body armor and tied it all together with the belt...well the other pieces of this spiritual warfare wardrobe are a shield, a sword and a helmet.
The shield was the size of a door and could weigh quite a bit depending on the size of the soldier. It was designed to completely protect the fighter. It was made of several layers of animal hide and needed daily care to stay flexible and ready to fend of the fiery darts of the enemy. You and I have a shield of faith that covers us too. We can move forward by keeping faith in front of us and using it to endure seasons of enemy attacks. Along with the shield came a sword which represents the spoken Word of God. This was a two edge sword that could slice and puncture the enemy. We use the Word of God to counteract the damage that the words of people can do. Faith comes by hearing that Word which is spoken...make your professions out loud so that you can hear them and your faith can rise.
And the helmet, well it was the most beautiful and ornate piece of the attire. It represents salvation. It's the first thing that people notice about you. Too many people take journeys through life today without their helmet. You need your own. Live a saved life and let the fact that you serve Christ be evident to all.
Unfortunately, too many of us rush hurried through life and neglect getting dressed properly. We don't wear a belt, our shoes are not laced up right and we never wear a coat or hat. Paul encouraged us to wear the WHOLE armor because life would be challenging. The weather can change any minute and we always need to be ready. What pieces need some attention in your closet? Start today by putting together a new outfit, one that can comfort you, protect you and give you assurance that when you have done all that you can do, standing in God is the best option!


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