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Remembering Betty May Martin

A couple years ago I had the wonderful privilege of meeting a strong woman of God named Betty May Martin. Our church was involved in doing some teaching and loving on some ladies in our community and she was one of them. She was full of fire and always smiling.
One day after a service she came up to me a grabbed my arm and said, Pastor Joe, I never knew church could be this fun! She had found the joy of the Lord in a very personal way and it not only lit up her countenance, she had the strength of five men!
I feel blessed to have had some time with her and look forward to being with her one day again where she will probably hear me say to her, Betty May, I never knew heaven would be so fun!
Jesus enjoy her and thank you for letting me meet her and get to know her just a bit.

I pray for comfort and peace to her family and that they would experience the same joy that Betty May showed me:)

Happy Birthday Betty!

Memorial Service Saturday Oct 29th