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Do Good!

I wonder if you have ever arrived at the place where you were just worn out, frustrated and nearly hopeless?  Let me encourage you with these simple words...

"So don't get tired of doing what is good."Galatians 6:9
Life is challenging. As you participate in the human race you run the possibility of getting injured or hearing things that could take the wind out of your sails. In the middle of the chaos, when the pain is increasing we have got to remind ourselves that we were created to do the right thing. It's inside of you right now! We cannot afford to get discouraged to the point that we give in or give up.
Whenever we have the chance, wherever there is an opportunity, we should be and do good to everyone, especially towards other believers. (Galatians 6:10)
It may be a little rough right now. You may feel those old emotions that you thought were dead rising up again within you. Ask God to give you strength. Renew YOUR mind by reading about what is on HIS mind. Don't get tired of taking the high road. At just the right time, your windfall will come!