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Enough Already!

It is officially the shopping season of the holidays! At least that is what everyone is advertising...layaway...pre-ordering discounts...the list goes on and on. Coupons coming in the mail, stores with Christmas items already on the shelves and we just closed the swimming pool!!
I usually don't think too much about this but the other day as I was perusing the gadget site I look at on my Ipad, I was once again hooked: this time by the clever use of dessert names that Android is using for their operating systems. Honeycomb, the Gingerbread and now Ice Cream Sandwich...OK! Enough already! I realize that STRESSED is really just "desserts" spelled backwards but I refuse to get caught up in this sugar-laced layaway ploy to rob me of financial virtue!
Today I begin my endeavor to not allow the holidays to be about stuff. It's about relationships with others...goodwill towards others and peace on earth. You can't spell Christmas without CHRIST. Let's keep the main thing the main thing.(I still smell gingerbread though) Oh well!