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Gone Are the Days

My how times have changed. I was reading some articles the other day and then went to my daily news feed and upon looking at the headlines, it was clear that the days of old are gone. There used to be such a respect for the elderly and for those that have lived through things that many of us will never see. Today rather than being applauded in their twilight years, many are forgotten. Today we keep trying to separate our faith from our governing leaders. I actually heard several candidates say "let's keep religion out of politics". Are you kidding me? And then there is the infamous 72 day marriage...what ever happened to "till death do us part"? We need more adult language like "commitment" and "integrity"!
I love to sit with those that are older(and wiser) than I and listen to them talk about how things used to be. It was simpler. There was less lobbying for status and jockeying for position. People loved the land and they loved each other. They were frugal, cautious and genuine.
When was the last time you gleaned some fond memories from someone who has truly lived life? I hold out hope that one day we will all realize that our faith is crucially important to our success and the happiness we pursue in this land of the free and home of the brave.