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How Much is Your Sin Going to Cost Me?

It's very clear that we are more connected that we might think. They used to call this a dog eat dog world but unfortunately no one realized that we are all "leashed" together. In other words, what you do affects me. What I do affects you. God had a plan for this. It had to do with honor: honoring one another. LO4EO: look out for each other. (Read Romans 12)
In every scandal the media points out to us we can see a leader, a victim and a large group of people, connected but not really intimately involved. Still, what happens has a profound impact on the everyone. My sin will cost you. Your sin costs me.
The way to honor each other is to stay realize that you are tethered to people...created for fellowship and relationships. Of course the most important relationship we can have is a vertical one with our God. When that one is right, you keep evil desires and bad influences at bay and you develop strength to overcome. Evil will always be around us. People will get caught up in things that are harmful to them and those that they are connected to. Our goal is to stay in each others be genuinely concerned about what happens to us. How are you doing today? Do you need some encouragement? Are you stuck in some things that you sincerely want to get out of?
Lets work together...let honor one another and lets create a community, a world that loves one another. Let it begin with me!
Romans 12:10 Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love,
in honor giving preference to one another...