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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This weekend I had the honor of seeing a few performances of this premiere event in South Florida for the last 28 years. The Pageant has two acts, one filled with modern day seasonal song and dance numbers and one that dramatically takes you through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Maybe I'm a bit partial because my brother is the musical director and Executive Pastor at this church but I have to say, this is a perfect way to begin preparing your heart and life for the season of Christmas.
I sat in different parts of the auditorium for each of the four performances. I was also able to mix and mingle with many of the nearly 1000 incredibly gifted people it takes to do such an event. As I watched the "mechanics" of this come together I kept thinking about "the church". Let me tell you what I learned.
First, you and I were made to use talent and energy that is within us to connect with each other and connect others to Jesus. Most of these volunteer performers have jobs, and families and other obligations but they figure out a way to integrate what they are doing with what God would desire. Our life should be wrapped up in Christ and that is what keeps it moving forward.
Second, your view of what happens in life is based on where you look at it from. As I moved to different seats to watch the program I saw different things. I was shocked at what I was not seeing in previous events simply because I was looking at the stage from a different place. Don't miss all that God is allowing to happen by being immobile and isolated. If you want a different look in your life-change your seat!
And lastly, if you love God, show Him to others. Some of the friendliest people you will ever meet are part if this pageant. Thier sacrifice, rigorous rehearsal schedule is endured for one purpose. They have one mission and mandate: tell the story of Jesus and show Him to everyone you meet. It works. It always will.
Solet me encourage you to stay connected. Change seats if you need to for a new perspective and keep telling His story as we come to the end of 2011. And if you can get to South Florida during the next few weekends, check out this group of people that have learned how to do this with their lives. And say hi to my family too! Thanks FLCP for the hospitality!