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Once Upon a Time...

"Once upon a time" is a staple of story beginnings. There are only a few movies that begin with this phrase in the title and for the most part they are filled with quality and length. Imagine today that we were able to write our own story. We would begin with this popular opening..."once upon a time" and then the story begins. 
I can predict that our stories will be adventurous, dangerous and at times exhilarating. There will be incredible high times of joy and happiness and there will also be overwhelming times of pain and sorrow. Every good story has some wonderful characters and ours will be no different. Heroes and villains, stable and unstable, loyal and well, not so loyal. And when the story is finished, the way we would write it, we would most likely live forever and be incredibly joyful!
The reality of our lives is this: God has a plan. He has the pen and we provide the canvas on which He can write. Through every situation He will write a way out of difficulty and script the best possible outcome for all of us. And when we think that the story is over, well, He will simply start another chapter:)
The goal is to not allow a period to be where He wants to place a comma. Let His story be written through you. Our stories will continue. We will get to know each other as the plot unfolds. And others will read our story and be blessed!
And would you like to know the best part of "once upon a time"? It's that you and I get to end with "and they lived happily ever after".