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That Special Deal

Most of you will have already been to the mall by the time this article publishes. The stores are opening even earlier this year...what is going on! Why not just have the sale right after the football game is over on Thanksgiving and that way we can run off the turkey?
I refuse to jump into the pile of consumers that early in the morning. If that is the only time that you can get "that special deal" I am going to miss it. Something tells me that if I let patience have her perfect work, that deal will come along again before the 25th of December. Have you ever thought about the kind of deals that we could all get if we just made a decision as a group to not go to the mall the day after Thanksgiving? The stores would go into panic mode and if we waited throughout the entire weekend, they would probably be giving stuff away in the parking lot!
I know that for many of you this is a tradition and you go to be part of the festivities. I wish you well today. Don't fight over the toys and don't be surprised when you finally get to the register and the item you wanted is already gone(the store only had 2 of them anyway!)
Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala, lalalala! So if you are a professional, get out there and shop till you drop! Don't call me...I'm not getting up till 9am!