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Changing Direction

At some point in your life, your plans are going to change and the way you thought you were headed will be different. Like that annoying GPS voice that bellows "recalculating", you will need to make some adjustments to get to where you were supposed to be while taking this different route. What do you do when there is a dramatic change of plans? Let me offer some suggestions using one word that can sum it all up: TRUST.

T-trusting God in the midst of change is not only wise, it is imperative. He knows what you are going through and where you will end up so the best thing to do is let Him take you there: any way He desires!
R-redirect your attention...start to think about others and what they may be going through. When you think about others you don't get selfish, you become self-less. 
U-understand that there is a plan to what is going on and even though it may seem tough, there will be valuable life-giving lessons in the midst of all that you endure.
S-stand under the pressure and don't lose your footing. You were made for success and when you stay determined and focus, you will see that the darkness will pass and light will come.
T-thank God IN the trial, not FOR it, IN it! Thankfulness and gratitude will always be a key part to a life that is not just full but also full-filled!

So are plans changing in your life right now? TRUST and watch how wonderful the journey will be to where you are supposed to be!