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Christmas Joy

Each day I like to take a walk wherever I may be. This past week I spent some time in South Florida. The weather was perfect and I embarked on my power-walk on Christmas Eve. 
I decided at one point in my walk to be adventurous and add another few blocks to he trip. After I walked use additional steps I realized that I was a bit lost. The only way I could find my way home was to follow the course that got me to where I was. 
This made he walk much longer but I enjoyed it all the same.  As I got back to the condo a lady in an SUV pulled right in front of me, rolled down her window and said, "somebody told me to give this to somebody and you are it!" she handed me a card that said CHRISTMAS JOY on the front and inside was a fifty dollar bill! Talk about joy!
I learned something that at that you may need to hear. Even though you may find your self in. Place where you feel lost, there may be another reason for the detour. You see if I had not added the blocks and time to my walk I may have never intersected with his blessing. Second you can always find your way home by learning from what got you where you are. And finally when you feel lost and out of touch, if you just keep walking this may be the day you run into your blessing.
So keep your head up, your heart filled with love and hope and just keep walking! Joy is about to come to YOU!