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It's the Most Wonderful Time...

As most of you already know I have been in full CHRISTmas mode for sometime now. I have been enjoying time with friends and family, wonderful performances filled with the story of the season and my heart has been filled with the joy that comes from singing the songs of the holidays.
As I was driving through south Florida this week, lost in the wonder that is CHRISTmas, I was startled with something that happens here all the time: impatient people in a hurry to get wherever! whenever a light changes here, if you are not taking off instantly, they honk at you to get moving! They honk so fast! And it happens over and over again.
As I made my turn I thanked the Lord that patience is having its way with me. I'm glad I have no place that I have to get to that fast. And I pray for all of those quick horn blowers!
How about you? Are you in a hurry and stressing out over the shopping, the meals or the family visits? Take a few deep breaths and ask God for some perfecting patience to help you make it through your days. It's The most wonderful time of the year...why not make the most out of it!