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Take a Step

This Christmas I enjoyed the opportunity of recording with my youngest son. He had told me he had written a couple of songs and so I decided to take him into the studio to try and make a memory for all of us. Little did I know just how rewarding this would be for me and for Justin.
To watch the creation of something so important to him go from conception to realization was life changing.
It makes me think today of you and your dreams and desires. We know that the Lord wants to give you the desires of your heart. Still most of us fail to take steps forward to help bring those dreams about. Everything starts with a single step. You can't win if you won't begin.
What dream is asleep within you that God could help expose to the world? Take a step right now in the direction of your dreams. This may be your moment!
Take a moment today to check out Justin in the studio as his dreams came true! A double blessing occured as Brandon, my oldest son, took some video and put together this "making of" clip! What a great CHRISTmas this is!