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Three Things You NEED to Remember This Christmas

The city streets are buzzing with the sights and sounds of Christmas already! You can feel it in the air...I believe this is going to be the best Christmas ever:)
I have to tell myself to settle down and relax many times during the month of December and to stay focused on keeping Christ up front and at the center of everything. In Luke Chapter 1 you can find some wonderful scriptures that take you through the set up for the birth of Christ in Luke 2. In the exchange that Mary has with the angel Gabriel, there are three things that you and I need to remember this Christmas. Grab your cup of joe and take note of these.
1-the Lord is with YOU!
Many people become discouraged and sad during the holidays. Some experience these feelings because they think they are alone. Part of the revelation of Christmas is to remember that you are never alone. You will never be abandoned or rejected by the Lord. The Lord is with YOU!
2-You have found favor with God
I know that the angel said Mary had "found favor" but in reality favor found her. God hand-picked her to bring forth life to the Savior of the world. Now that's favor! When favor comes upon you everything changes. Favor has found you today so get ready for a miracle this year!
3-No Word from God will ever fail
There are so many promises in the Word of God. God wanted us to know Him and to enjoy walking with Him. Pray lets us talk to Him. And when He talks back we receive His power, His provision and His protection. If He said it, you can believe it for no Word from God will ever fail!
You can have the best Christmas ever if you remember these three things as you face each day this year. Don't let circumstances and people stress you out: the Lord is with you. Walk forward with confidence in the favor that surrounds you: favor with God AND with man. And know that as He speaks to you in prayer, through people or through His Word, you can stand upon the promises He makes! Let His joy be YOUR strength!