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You Can Have it All!

Did you know that what you are willing to walk away from determines what God is able to bring to you? In other words, there are some things that God has in store for us right now but until we walk away from some of our harmful habits and critical friends, the conduit by which the blessings come is hindered. Consider Abraham…he left his own country and family in search of a place that God said he would give to him. He took his Sarah and Lot with him. Somewhere down the road things got complicated. There was so much in both of their lives that it was time to separate. God said it was time to walk away. So Abraham gave Lot his choice of land and they went in opposite directions. Suddenly Abraham started to be blessed again and again. He learned an important lesson that day…if you want it all you may have to lose a Lot!
What are you clinging to that keeps you stuck in neutral? Do you have a Lot in your life? You too can lose a Lot and have it all!