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Weighed Down

Have you ever felt like you were carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and you couldn't do what you wanted because you were weighed down? Me too! Then I read this scripture in Hebrews 12:1 that encouraged me to "lay aside every weight" and the sin that gets me all tangled up. I think the problem with most of us is that we lay down weights but we lay them in front of us and when we start to move forward we end up tripping over things we laid down! Not all weights are sins. Sometimes where you are carrying that weight is the problem. Take a look at where your burdens are. Let me encourage you today to "cast all of your cares" upon the Lord. It literally means to hurl them in His direction. He will give you only what you are able to endure and nothing more. Get ready for a lighter load and opportunities to open right in front of your eyes this week. Lighten up!  

National Pancake Day!

Who would have ever thought that we could celebrate the pancake! A Dutch creation to counteract the Belgium Waffle! I started my day today in Glenpool Oklahoma at the International House of Pancakes! So I'm calling it International Pancake Day and yes, #imafanofcakeinapan! Today we taped a local story on KTUL, Channel 8 to talk about the city and things happening here. Lots of great things. Having a short stack is such a fitting way to continue the festivities of our TEN year anniversary week at The Landing. The Bible talks about "enlarging the place of your tent" in Isaiah 54. You and I must prepare for expansion, it doesn't just happen. There is a picture on our wall at the church of what we desire to build and it is SOOOOO BIG! We are preparing every day for the next step and we truly believe that "if we build it" people will come to the Lord through our community of faith. Hope BIG are YOU dreaming? If you can dream it you really can achieve it! Today


Isaiah 54 contains an awesome word of encouragement for people that are ready for change. If you have ever experienced a season of spiritual dryness or non-productivity, you will love it. How do you shake the drought? You SING! Right there in the pit of discouragement and with your lacking non-productive life…SING! And what is the initial reaction to that type of counsel? What have I got to sing about? Seems we need a reason – need to see some progress – an increase in our check at work – straight A’s on our children’s progress report – then we’ll sing! Give me a winning lottery ticket and just watch me burst into song. But Isaiah also provides us with a reason. To put it plain and simple he says you may never have experienced “labor pains” but you’re ending up with far more children than all of those childbearing women! In other words, YOUR blessing is on the way! That good news, it’s coming! It’s just around the corner! Just a little further! So SING! Fact is, if we can

Teaching With Purpose

The purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and genuine faith. 1 Timothy 1:5 I love it when a plan comes together. The Bible tells me that Jesus had one for me. He wanted me to succeed and to find hope for an amazing future. He knew that the HOPE was connected to Him. Fortunately, life's storms and hard times seemed to carry my ship in His direction and every time I cried for help, I cried for Jesus. In communities of faith all over the world many things are taught. So many of them seem to divide people, upset them and even cause them to walk away from faith. In today's Word we can clearly see that His plan for teaching is that people would leave satisfied...filled with that shows up because the teaching does not condemn and is filled with faith. Our words as teachers must build people up and point them in the right direction. Our methods may be different but the Word is the consta

Ashes to ashes...

Dust to dust...its a reminder to each of us of our mortality. Last night at The Landing was the very first time I experienced having the cross of ashes placed on my forehead. Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of the Lenten season which is the 6 Sundays leading up to Easter. Six weeks of repentance, fasting and abstinence. The ceremony of ashes signifies our humility and a reminder of that mortality...that one day this body will return to dust. We don't usually think about this "shell" being a temporary dwelling for our spirit and taking a few moments to remember this was very moving for me. I am certain that some of my church folks thought I might be crazy! But as their resident presbymethobaptissemblycathocostal, I have learned something from every faith background that touched my life. As a song says that we used to sing in church long ago, "I am only passing through!" One day this body will go to dust but my glorified one will be singing and dancing! You can

The Season of Lent Begins

Open your heart and let your light shine this Lenten season. Reach out and help those in need and see how the Lord will help you meet your needs.  He will set your  feet on high places and take you to a whole new level.  Let's pre-prayer ourselves.  Are you ready?

Starting Your Day

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. 1Tim 2:1 How do you start your day? I have often wondered if how I began each day had a direct impact on how the entire day went. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What about when you have breakfast for dinner?:) I think one of the best things we can do as we start our day is to still our mind and our bodies and find our peace. To thank God for another day of life, and then to take the advice of Paul to Timothy and pray for people. I think about my kids, then my parents, my brother and my sister and the list goes on. I pray that Gods blessing will overwhelm them during the day and that glorious surprises would meet them. And the last person I ask God to work in is me. In my morning place of peace, usually with my feet dangling off the bed before I stand up to face all that lies ahead, I pray. This week, try to start your day by intercedin

Happy Presidents Day

Today we take time to honor all of our American Presidents and their service and loyalty to these United States of America. The course of our lives and direction of our country has been placed in the hands of these public servants whom we have placed in authority over us every time that we vote. You have a voice! As we move deeper into 2012 we must prepare ourselves to once again, democratically choose someone to lead us into the future that has been mapped out for us by our divine Creator. Remember that the heart of the King(President) is always in the hands of the Lord and He will help guide when we ask Him to. Today, I say thank you to each of you who gave your time, sacrificed your family lives and allowed yourselves to do the best that you could do to move our country forward, united and prosperous and safe. God bless those whom you have chosen to help each of us build businesses, raise families and serve our Lord each and every day. We appreciate you and thank you for your devo

PDF: Patience,Discipline and Focus

Yesterday I had the pleasure of filming a little spot for a local cable program. The mission: what would you say to someone that is going through a "transition "?: i.e. moving into a new city, a new home, a new relationship, out of one, to a job, from a get the picture. The time will have about 60 seconds!!! WOW! What a challenge! If all of my personal transitions lasted as long as this spot I would be golden! Unfortunately they do not. Most of my transitions just seem to being born. For nine months I wear prepared and the moment I "came forth", the first thing they did was flip me upside down and spank my tiny rear! Then they scraped me raw with a rag to clean me up and placed my under some hot lights like a pack of fries at McDonalds! After everything settled, they put my spotless, dew rag covered head in a plastic cart on wheels and led me to the showroom for everyone to see. It was a bit traumatic but Im still here! You made

"E" is for Enthusiasm!!!

This week of LOVE has shown us how much of a role we must play in operating in the type of love that God designed for us to experience. L etting go of harmful habits and hang-ups. Being more O bservant when it comes to the people that are in our lives. Allowing ourselves to be V ulnerable so that we are completely invested in the relationships we are a part of. Our last letter, " E " is for enthusiasm ! Most of the emotions we allow ourselves to be overtaken by are contagious to others. In other words, people get discouraged hanging out with discouraged people. Spirits can be lifted if you place yourself in an environment that is uplifting. Enthusiasm will infect all of the other people in your life too! Romans 12:9   Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. 10  Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. 11  Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically .

"V" is for Vulnerability

Its a week where we are looking at LOVE and what makes up true love...God's kind of love. L etting go of things that harm you is where we began. Then we saw that the ability to o bserve was instrumental in seeing how to be the kind of person that you were designed to be. " V " is for vulnerability . V ulnerability is not something that is easy to become. By its very definition it means to be "susceptible to physical or emotional injury". I don't think any of us really want to be open to physical or emotional wounds. Being v ulnerable will open you up to be hurt by the words and actions of others but it frees you to be transparent and authentic when having relationships with others. You will find a more genuine you when you allow yourself to be open and engaged in other people. Vulnerability is often disregarded when someone gets hurt. You don't want to be hurt again and you don't want to feel any of the emotions that you already pressed through. The

"0" is for Obeserve...

' You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love .' - Henry Drummond O ften we Overlook the significant and meaningful things around us. We can get Overwhelmed by life happenings and find our view Obstructed when it comes to the things that really matter. It's important to train ourselves to O BSERVE. When you " o bserve" something or someone you play close attention to all that they say and do. That knowledge will help you become better connected to those in your life. How well do you know your childs favorite music? What's your spouses favorite color? Pay attention to the little things? O bserve today and watch how much you truly learn. O and Happy Valentines Day !

Loving Deeds: "L" is for...

This is a week for "loving deeds": showing Gods love through what you say and what you do. Love is more than a word...its something you and I do to show our appreciation and adoration to those closest to us. L is for "letting go" of what hurts you to embrace what heals you. So many people today are unable to love in the present because they have not been loved in the past. Letting go of pain sets you up for gain in every area of your life. What's still hanging on in your life that keeps you from becoming all that God designed you to be? Let it go and you may start to grow today! " Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength !"

Water Walkin'

 In Matthew 14 there is a story about water walking' . Water walking' will freak people out! In fact in this chapter all of the disciples thought they were in an episode of ghost adventures! As soon as they cried out in fear, Jesus, the one walking told them to chill.  It was the bold fisherman, Peter, that said "Jesus, if that's you, tell me to come to you". Jesus responded, "come!". It was in this moment that Peter had to make a decision. He had to decide to obey Christ, or give in to his fears and what he already knew. People don't walk on water! That may be true for anyone else. Not so for this one that is being called by the Lord.  People venture out into waves of adversity and uncharted waters every day. In fact you may even be frightened by what is going on around you like the disciples were. In reality, all of us have moments where we find faith or embrace fear. Days when we must decide to follow the voice of the Lord and walk on the water or

Christmas for the Spirit

A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other. (1 Corinthians 12:7 NLT) I never realized that God gave me some special abilities until it I read His book and saw He had a plan for me. I've got some special abilities that are placed into my spirit by the spirit of God. Those abilities are not simply for my benefit but to help others too. I have to remind myself, "I'm gifted!" my spirit is full, it's Christmas for my spirit everyday! Today, take a good look in that mirror and tell yourself what God wants you to know, "I'm gifted!"

To Tell the Truth

Proverbs 12:22   The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in those who tell the truth . Imagine that...God is happy about those who tell the truth! We live in a world where there are many who bend the truth ever so slightly. But know this, a subtle bending of the truth is the definition of "deception". The enemy of our soul is always trying to get us to push the envelope and to shade the truth. Our goal should be to be truthful at all costs, to live a life full of integrity and loyalty. Truth will always rise to the surface in every situation so its always best to start with it. In fact, it was Mark Twain that encouraged us to "always tell the truth and then you won't need to remember what you said!" Truth is a tremendous liberator. Try to speak the truth in love whenever you can and watch God smile on you!

Lacking Nothing

Whoever gives to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to poverty will be cursed. (Proverbs 28:27 NLT) Today my heart is burdened for those folks that struggle to make ends meet because life has dealt them a bad hand. They fight the good fight but end up short at the close of the day. Our mission as the "body" of Christ is to BE the hands, the feet and help whenever and wherever we can. When was the last time you reached out to touch someone in need? As you reach out, God pours YOU! Look around today and let the spirit lead you to a person or persons that need you and the God that you serve.

Fan or Follower?

Yesterday we celebrated a SUPER Sunday at The Landing. We talked for a few moments about the difference between a FAN and a FOLLOWER. My entire thought was prompted by an amazing book called Not a Fan. This is an excerpt from my message:) I realize that many times I consider myself to be a follower (imitator) but I’m really just a fan (enthusiastic admirer). Jesus can’t be simply one of the choices… He must be THE choice. He IS the way, the truth AND THE life . God sent Jesus to give His life so that He could have yours . Is He your one of many or your one and only? Have you made a decision for Christ or are you committed to Christ? It’s about so much more than walking an aisle and praying a prayer. Fans do that. Jesus said you must deny yourself (turn from your selfish ways) take up your cross DAILY and follow Him. To sum up my story… Seven years ago my 20 year marriage ended. I was shocked, confused and did everything I could to isolate myself and insulate myself from the pain

Glazed and Unique

As we have been looking at the lesson Jeremiah learned at the potters shop we see how our success is contingent on being molded and shaped by our Maker. We are the clay and there is the perfect mixture in us to become all that the potter(God) desires us to be. After the clay has been shaped and purified by the fire, there is one more step that seals the deal. It's time for the "glazing". Some final preparations on the pot are done by using sandpaper or a pairing knife to smooth any rough patches and scrape off lumps. The glazing is unique. Every potter has his or her own formulation for glazes and many of these are a closely guarded secret as the unique properties imparted by a particular glaze fired on a particular clay body, combined with the characteristics of the design of the piece are what identifies the pot as belonging to a certain potter . In other words, you can tell who made the pot by the glaze...the shine that is on it. As followers of Christ,

Starting Over

In yesterdays scripture we read how God used a potters shop to speak to Jeremiah. The first thing that Jeremiah saw was found in verse 4... " But the jar he was making did not turn out as he had hoped, so he crushed it into a lump of clay again and started over ." The potter was not happy with the way things were shaping up so he crushed the clay and started over. We are the clay. When we allow ourselves to be made by the One that made us, we can begin again. Just because you are down and out doesn't mean that you are completely out. You may feel "crushed" right now. The marines say that "pain is weakness leaving the body". Embrace the strength you are receiving and press through the challenge. You will become the beautiful vessel that He intended when you trust God in the process. And remember that once the clay was fashioned into the right shape, it was then put into the fire. Fire purifies and stabilizes the clay so that it can stay together and n

The Potters Shop

I have been surprised many times at the places that God chooses to speak to me. Often I pick up subtle little message throughout the day, at the coffee shop, the store, even in the signage along the road. God can use whatever He wants whenever He wants to get through to us. In Jeremiah 18 He was ready to speak to a young man that was to be a great prophet. His name was Jeremiah. And the book begins with this little verse: “ Go down to the potter’s shop, and I will speak to you there .” That is like saying to you or I go over to WalMart and I will talk to you there:) Jeremiah did not argue or whine about it...he simply obeyed.And that day would be life changing, not just for Jeremiah but for everyone of us that reads the story again. God speaks to all of us right there at the potters shop! So be on the look out today for the places and ways that God wants to get with you. And when you feel that little nudge in your spirit, go and see what happens. This could be the most exciting day