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Happy Presidents Day

Today we take time to honor all of our American Presidents and their service and loyalty to these United States of America. The course of our lives and direction of our country has been placed in the hands of these public servants whom we have placed in authority over us every time that we vote. You have a voice! As we move deeper into 2012 we must prepare ourselves to once again, democratically choose someone to lead us into the future that has been mapped out for us by our divine Creator. Remember that the heart of the King(President) is always in the hands of the Lord and He will help guide when we ask Him to.
Today, I say thank you to each of you who gave your time, sacrificed your family lives and allowed yourselves to do the best that you could do to move our country forward, united and prosperous and safe.
God bless those whom you have chosen to help each of us build businesses, raise families and serve our Lord each and every day. We appreciate you and thank you for your devotion and loyalty.

Happy Presidents Day:)