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The Potters Shop

I have been surprised many times at the places that God chooses to speak to me. Often I pick up subtle little message throughout the day, at the coffee shop, the store, even in the signage along the road. God can use whatever He wants whenever He wants to get through to us.
In Jeremiah 18 He was ready to speak to a young man that was to be a great prophet. His name was Jeremiah. And the book begins with this little verse:
Go down to the potter’s shop, and I will speak to you there.” That is like saying to you or I go over to WalMart and I will talk to you there:)
Jeremiah did not argue or whine about it...he simply obeyed.And that day would be life changing, not just for Jeremiah but for everyone of us that reads the story again. God speaks to all of us right there at the potters shop!
So be on the look out today for the places and ways that God wants to get with you. And when you feel that little nudge in your spirit, go and see what happens. This could be the most exciting day you have ever had!