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"V" is for Vulnerability

Its a week where we are looking at LOVE and what makes up true love...God's kind of love. Letting go of things that harm you is where we began. Then we saw that the ability to observe was instrumental in seeing how to be the kind of person that you were designed to be. "V" is for vulnerability. Vulnerability is not something that is easy to become. By its very definition it means to be "susceptible to physical or emotional injury". I don't think any of us really want to be open to physical or emotional wounds. Being vulnerable will open you up to be hurt by the words and actions of others but it frees you to be transparent and authentic when having relationships with others. You will find a more genuine you when you allow yourself to be open and engaged in other people.
Vulnerability is often disregarded when someone gets hurt. You don't want to be hurt again and you don't want to feel any of the emotions that you already pressed through. The only way to move forward is to trust in someone who is totally reliable and able to help you trust Jesus.
If you've been hurt, betrayed or taken advantage of, trust the Lord today to bring the right people into your life...the right relationships. When the best people are brought to you by Him, they will bring out the best in you.