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Water Walkin'

 In Matthew 14 there is a story about water walking' . Water walking' will freak people out! In fact in this chapter all of the disciples thought they were in an episode of ghost adventures! As soon as they cried out in fear, Jesus, the one walking told them to chill. 

It was the bold fisherman, Peter, that said "Jesus, if that's you, tell me to come to you". Jesus responded, "come!". It was in this moment that Peter had to make a decision. He had to decide to obey Christ, or give in to his fears and what he already knew. People don't walk on water! That may be true for anyone else. Not so for this one that is being called by the Lord. 

People venture out into waves of adversity and uncharted waters every day. In fact you may even be frightened by what is going on around you like the disciples were. In reality, all of us have moments where we find faith or embrace fear. Days when we must decide to follow the voice of the Lord and walk on the water or stay in the boat and get splashed by the waves.  Do you want the waves crashing into your face or the bottoms of your feet? Maybe this will be the day you get out of the boat and do some water walking' of your own.