Character-it's who you are when no one else is looking. Your character is made up of the distinctive qualities about you that truly define the person that you are. It's important for you to have great character. It also matters to God.
In 2 Timothy 2:2 we are encouraged to "commit these things to FAITHFUL men who will able able to TEACH others also". God commits to character. It's more important than talent. Incredible talent, your divine gift, according to the Book of Proverbs can take you into the presence of kings but it is your character that will always determine how long your stay will be.
What makes you different today? Are you honest, trustworthy, kind, and compassionate? Do you act the same when there is no one around to impress?
God is looking for some faithful and loyal folks who know that their connection to the "vine" is what truly brings out the best in them. Be a person of great character!

What you are thunders so loudly that I cannot hear what you say to the contrary.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson


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