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Faith Prayers

In James 5:15 it talks about an effectual and fervent prayer. What exactly is an effectual, fervent prayer? One translation calls it a prayer offered in faith. A "faith prayer". In other words, when we talk to God about something going on in our life we ought to believe that it will change. Of course it must be in line with His Word. But we must believe that what we are asking will actually happen.
I think too often we negate the very words we pray with our own words of doubt and unbelief. Every word spoken in doubt needs a word of faith to cancel it out. What could happen in your life today if you had an attitude adjustment and began to actually believe that God could come through like YOU need Him to for you? Would you act differently? I would hope you would begin talking as if the answer were already dispatched in your direction because it is!
An effectual(constructive, worthwhile) and fervent(intense,passionate) prayer will do a whole lot of good. Isn't it time your prayer started making a difference?