Launch Out!

One day a fisherman had just come in from a long nights expedition. The trip was unsuccessful for no fish had been caught and he was folding up his nets and putting them away. A crowd entered the area by the boat dock and was gathering around Jesus. The boat of the fisherman was right by waters edge so Jesus asked if he could use it to preach from. He got in the boat and began to do what he did best...heal hurts and mend hearts.
When he was done speaking he looked at this fisherman and told him to launch out into the deep water and let the nest down for a catch. The fisherman was surprised for in his mind he was done for the day. His time was over and the end result was not beneficial. And now Jesus was saying go back out there...deeper.
Getting back on the horse was Jesus' idea. Trying again and trying harder was not Avis' slogan.  Jesus said it that day. In fact all of those wonderful motivational ideas and slogans probably have their origin with Jesus.
Have you stopped fishing today? Do you feel like you are alone and that your season is over? Maybe you too need to get back out there...deeper...let down the nets one more time for a catch is waiting for you. The fish were in place...the water had forced them to the surface...the spot was located but we have to let down the nets.
Go back out there and go deeper today and get ready for something that you just will not believe! I will tell you what happened for that fisherman tomorrow!


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