Falling Apart?

Last night we had a friend of ours, Van Crouch, come to minister to our church. He is a blessed man with many years of wisdom and a plethora of one-liners. I was excited because I knew that his latest book was called "What to Do When Everything Falls Apart". Life is filled with surprises and oftentimes we are not quite ready for what comes at us. Some of Van's counsel was to take a look at ourselves and also to check out how active our praise life is. Can you sing through the tough times?
So appropriate was the word he shared for me. No sooner than I walked into the door at home my washer stopped working, full of wet clothes. I wanted to scream!!! But then I remembered what had been fed to my spirit hours earlier and I went into my room to sing instead:) It did not change the way the washer worked, just me.
Now I just have to sing as I search for a new one!! So when everything falls apart, don't fall with it!


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