A New Look

Reading through the Old Testament can be exciting especially when you read about anything that is being built by God for His purposes. The ARK that Noah was asked to construct was so detailed and so large and to think that he went right on and did what God was asking when he had never seen a raindrop is sort of amazing! And then there is the Temple of God that was so precise and so ornate, and could never have been accomplished unless people were willing to be involved in God's plan and purposes.
For the last several weeks our student ministries department has been involved in a redesign of their youth space which included some very creative wall art, fresh paint and an enormous stage! Their keyword this year is AIM and they have set the bar incredibly high. Last night we unveiled all of the wonderful new things which even spilled over outside into a new flowerbed with lights right in front of the youth center!
Watching all of these people give their time and energy into building something that will be used for God's purposes is very motivating. It makes me want to do more and be better. to reach farther and move faster, jump higher and impact more people!
It all started with a vision...a plan...and lots of prayer. Then the Lord added to the project the people and the rest...well...now it's history and in the books! What is God asking YOU to do? If you can start to see it in your spirit, you can start to do it with your body! God will direct you and He will bring others to help you. So, what are you going to build today?

Congrats to Ryan and Rachel Sanders and Darrick and Cathy Border of The Landing!


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