He Makes Me Lie Down...

He makes me lie down in green pastures...
As we saw yesterday, sheep will not lie down until 4 things take place: first, fear must be removed.
After fear its friction that has to go…think of it like the people that butt up against you the wrong way. We butt into each other jockeying for positionto get ahead, sometimes to make ourselves feel better. And many times because of this friction people are hurt.  
After the removal of fear and friction, the aggravation is dealt with. Sheep are annoyed by nasal flies and ticks. At times they can get so tormented by these flies that they will actually rear up on their hind legs, shakes their heads and rush off into the bushes. Sounds like some of the believers I know! Why is it always the little things that drive us so crazy? Has anyone really bugged you?  Dont go rearing up on your hind legs and shaking your head and jumping in the bushes!
The Good Shepherd makes you lie down. So how does he do that?
For the sheep the very presence of the shepherd in the field provides the peace that the sheep need. The shepherds presence ended all rivalry. Seeing the shepherd brought relief. For us it is the same...fix your eyes on Jesus we are encouraged to do. Any moment disaster can strike but just knowing that the shepherd is near helps to dispel the fear and panic of the unknown. To chase away the aggravation on the sheep the shepherd will use a special chemical or ointment to help ward off the insects for the sheep. If we stay close to Christ and His Word, the ointment of the Holy Spirit will help keep away harsh words, bitter attitudes and hurtful actions. 
When fear, friction and aggravation are quieted, the only thing left is hunger. Green pastures did not just happenthey were formed with intense labor, proper seeding and watering. When the pasture was green, the sheep stayed well fed and the fear of hunger was removed. 
The Lord IS YOUR shepherd and when he is in charge you don't need anything else. He will watch out for you and for your best interests. He removes the fear, the friction, the aggravations and he will give you rest in green pastures.Isn't it time you got some "rest"?


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