Just "2" words for you as you sip your cup of joe this Tuesday: fear not.

There are so many things that could happen and some that do which can bring on a fear-filled emotion. Impending danger is one of the roots of fear and oftentimes we are afraid of this dark unknown and other things we haven't even seen yet. Scripture tells us that the emotion of fear is not from God. In fact David said in Psalms that when his hope was gone, fear became a paralyzer to his life. (psalm 143:4)

There are enough "fear nots" in the Word of God to cover you every day. Just look at yourself today in the mirror and say it, "fear not!" Faith is the antidote for fear so whenever fear hits, start feeding your faith. Faith comes by hearing the Word and letting it settle your spirit and calm your mind. Don't let fear hinder your progress. Face it, then allow your faith in God to defeat it.

So, enjoy your "joe", relax and keep these 2 words on your mind and in your mouth on this Tuesday...FEAR NOT!



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