A week ago I had the honor of talking to some of our youth about how to start a spiritual revolution in their life and the lives of others. A revolution is able to bring about some dramatic changed in a very short period of time. We have all been given specific giftings from God to bring about His purposes upon this planet and when we choose to activate those gifts, well, anything is possible! Our youth have a keyword this year "AIM" , so I used those letters to offer three things that each one of us can do to bring a sudden and momentous change in the lives of the people we are connected to. 

#1-  AIM for a target…determine what you want to see happen. God will lay people and ministries on your heart and things to do in your life as you sit in this place. Write down a goal…something you can do.
#2-  INITIATE a plan of action together to make it happen…with or without others. Don’t wait for a majority to get behind you. Start something with you! God can do so much with YOU. Then you can get others with you. Stay focused on that plan and incorporating others into what needs to happen.
#3-  MANAGE the pain, the challenges and the risk
You will have to take a risk at some point when you start to think of ways to bring about a sudden and momentous change in your life. Faithfulness is defined as the willingness to take risks that require faith in order to produce fruit.

  So what are you "AIMing" for? Start a revolution in your life right now!


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