Isaiah 54:17 tells us that "no weapon formed against us(as believers) can prosper". In other words you will not be defeated if you stay in the fight and trust in the Lord. I thought about this the other night as I was watching one of the cable channels and came across the show, "Call of the Wildman". This show features a legend from Kentucky known as "Turtleman" who goes after all kinds of animals that are causing trauma and drama to others. From snakes, snapping turtles and alligators to muskrats and wild boar, if you need to get an animal removed from your premises then "Turtleman" is the guy!
Watching him go into swamps, crawl spaces and other "dark" dwellings, it was obvious that he had no fear. I found myself wishing that I was as brave as the "Turtleman":)
As a believer in Jesus, you don't have to be afraid wither. No weapon that comes against you can succeed. Life and it's rodents may bring challenges and battles but you are going to be the winner! So just keep on fighting! And if you still need some time to get your faith up, well I guess you can put a call in to the Turtleman too.


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