Back to Mayberry

The other day we said goodbye to a television icon...Sheriff Taylor, Matlock, otherwise known as Andy Griffith. Once I heard the news, my mind immediately went back to Aunt Bea's kitchen and those early morning breakfast advice sessions for Opie. Remembering brought back good was a different time then. Life was slower and there seemed to be less things to set us off.
The rest of that day I just whistled the theme song. Did you know that you can't yell or do anything else with your mouth while you whistle? That song just makes me feel better and calms the chaos of life today.
Thanks to Andy for all of those life lessons sandwiched within 22 minutes of Mayberry and a community of people that just seemed to care about each other. I wish we could recapture the peaceful times when one town drunk, Otis was all we had to worry about:)
Today, thank the Lord for all of those people that make you smile and even whistle as you go through your day. Maybe you can whistle in a little Mayberry of your own!


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