Joetry: "When People Leave"

If you have ever had someone close, a friend or loved one leave your life for any reason, you already know it is tough. Several years ago, as many people came in and out of my life, I sat down one afternoon and wrote these few thoughts. Thought I'd share a cup of joetry with you!

When People Leave

It’s hard when people walk away
And leave your life in haste
I never have the words to say
Was the time we shared a waste?
I take it personal at times
My heart feels broke in pieces
I sit alone, sometimes I cry
As I eat my bag of Reese’s
Maybe God has got a plan
as people come and go
Just do your part and share your life
It’s not all about you, you know!
The time we have is precious
though sometimes not enough
I must stay close to Jesus
cause the going will be rough
And when we reach the finish line
united, we’ll all be
The ones that stayed,
the ones that left
Will all be there with me:)


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