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Do the Dew!

There is a Mountain in scripture that is known for its heavy amount of dew. Its called Mount Hermon and it is quite a blessing in the arid country in which it exists. It is used in an illustration of the "anointing" of unity and blessing that is upon us as believers. Psalm 133 says that it is good and pleasing when people get along. It is like precious oil being spilled upon someones head and running down their entire being covering them or saturating them with oil. Oil in scripture refers to the anointing and blessing of God.
Picture today that God wants to pour out His anointing upon you, heavy like the dew of Mount Hermon, and to completely cover you with blessing. You will slide through difficult situations and trials today because of that anointing. Imagine the Lord commanding all of heaven to take notice of you today and make certain that YOU succeed. Heavy anointing is yours today...just like the dew...only you don't do the dew, the dew does you!