Featherless Pillows

Peace, peace wonderful peace
Coming down from the Father above.
Sweep over my spirit forever, I pray,
In fathomless billows of love.
Peace is something that everyone of us probably needs a little more of. We are asked in scripture to let peace guard our hearts and minds. We hear of a peace that goes beyond what we can understand. It is the peace of God that keeps you and I from falling to pieces.
One day while singing this song I heard one of the children sing the last line, "in featherless pillows of love". I laughed and than I told them its fathomless billows and of course then they asked "what's a billow"?
A fathomless billow of love is a great wave or surge of God's compassion and love. It's so incredibly amazing and powerful that its hard to wrap words around it when describing it to someone else.
Life has a way of overwhelming you. Some people choose "pillows", get depressed and sleep for hours as they isolate themselves. Others let the song rise up in their spirit and pray for a great flood of God's peace to saturate their life and situation.  Featherless pillows or fathomless billows: living in peace or falling to pieces...which one are you?


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