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Hangdog Skulking

I usually read my daily readings in the Bible in translations that I can understand. Most of the time I turn to the New Living or New International version. When I am still confused I go to the Message translation which always seems to break it down in layman's terms. Today as I read a book in the Psalms out of the Message, I came across something that I'd never heard before...
"My head is high, God, held high; I'm looking to you, God
No hangdog skulking for me." Psalm 25:1 MSG
I like holding my head up high, looking to God but Lord, am I a hangdog skulker? What is that? From what I have learned now I know that someone who is crafty or shifty, feeling guilty and tries to lurk in the shadows, out of sight is known as a hangdog skulker. We are to approach the day with joy and peace, fixing our eyes on Jesus and lifting our heads up high in the confidence that comes from knowing Christ as Savior.
So, keep your head up, look up and praise God right now! Don't be a hangdog skulker!