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Have you ever been moved up to the head of the line for no apparent reason? Perhaps you were in a restaurant and someone payed for your meal without you expecting it? When blessings occur that you have nothing to do with we call it "favor". The favor of God surrounds the believer. That means good things will happen to you and come into your life that you did not make happen...God did! God wants to bless you! (Say that out loud!)
I was once in a meeting where many people had gathered to hear the speaker. I arrived about10 minutes prior to the event with a friend of mine and we sat where the open seats were, all the way in the back! I did not mind, I wasn't grumbling, I was just happy to be there. In a few minutes someone that I had met one time many months previously, recognized me and came to say hi. Then they asked me to get up and follow them to the very front row and even gave me a bottle of water to drink! They happened to be on the staff of the person that was speaking! What a blessing! The good news is that not only did I get promoted to a better place but the person that was with me did too!
You have been set up for success. Somewhere, someplace, someone is looking for you today to carry out a mission of blessing for YOUR life. Why not expect some good things to happen to you today? Talk to God all day long, thanking Him for watching over you and for allowing you to wake up to another beautiful day. Be content in where you are and what you are doing and watch how God finds you and brings you into an even better place! And those that you love too!

Deuteronomy 28:6 "You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out."