Three Things...Part 2

Yesterday I started my short list of things you can do when visiting a local church for the first time. 
#1 was to open your mind.

2. Open Your Heart
If we were all honest, we would admit that we very rarely if ever put our whole heart into anything. Jumping in with both feet is replaced by sticking a toe in the water to check the temperature. If its comfortable we might wade in but jumping in is not really an option. As a “visitor” in this new worship experience, you will not be heart tied to anything yet. In fact, more times than not you will guard your heart and shield yourself from allowing anyone to hurt you, offend you or embarrass you. Remember that you are investing your time into something that is on the very heart of God…fellowship with His people. He gave ALL that He had. So enter His gates with thanksgiving in your heart and enter with ALL that is in you. Give yourself to the worship, the prayer time, the message and the fellowship.

3. Open Your Mouth
Prayer is one way you can start. Pray for the people that are doing this service, their volunteers/workers and for the pastor that is about to bring the Word of God to you. But don’t just pray. Open your mouth and talk to some people. Don’t sit in the back and isolate…integrate! A person who wants friends must show themselves friendly. Mix it up and there is a better chance that the experience will fill you up.

The common thread to these three things to do when visiting a new church for the first time…openness. Chances are God will walk right in the opening!

And remember from yesterday the part about the church I went to to relax and do nothing?
That church I sat in where I was determined to sit and soak…well, the praise and worship leader resigned that day and I filled in the very next week! And I didn’t stop filling in for 4 years!!! Openness:)