Whispering Campaign

Acts 14:1 When they got to Iconium they went, as they always did, to the meeting place of the Jews and gave their message. The Message convinced both Jews and non-Jews—and not just a few, either. But the unbelieving Jews worked up a whispering campaign against Paul and Barnabas, sowing mistrust and suspicion in the minds of the people in the street. The two apostles were there a long time, speaking freely, openly, and confidently as they presented the clear evidence of God’s gifts, God corroborating their work with miracles and wonders.

God is up to something big in our country right now. Every election year there is an amazing opportunity for each and every one of us to speak out and make our choice for who will lead the nation.

I wish that there was a rule in this process that banned the candidates from being negative. There are "whispering campaigns" today where the negative begins softly and then grows as it gains momentum. Nothing good ever comes from these types of antics.

I also wish that we could raise money to fight hunger and disease with the same ease that candidates can raise money for advertising. Imagine what could have been done this year with the millions and millions of dollars that have been spent on advertising that will mean nothing the day after we vote!

Paul & Barnabas kept on teaching and speaking out with Good News. Lies were changed, miracles and other signs started to happen. They were open, honest and confident. God collaborated with their efforts. And He will work with ours too!

So pray for this nation and those that help to guide it. Ask God to bless the people that serve it now and those that we will elect next month. And please, help silent the whispering campaign by casting your vote in the upcoming election.

With God nothing is impossible!

Please register to vote today!