Election Day 2012

Today we as Americans get to exercise a privilege that we have to choose a leader to take our country through the next four years. To be honest I must say that I have been greatly saddened by the negative advertising and slander and what its done to this nation. I even hear those that say if their candidate does not win, they will never vote again. We have missed the entire point of living in this land of the free and home of the brave. Personally, I have even doubted our system…what is truth and how do I know that I am getting it with all of the spin that is out there? And then I step back and look at everything and wind up confused, disappointed and discouraged.
What now? Well I do what I always do when faced with a huge decision that may have a significant impact on my life…I research all that I can and then I go to a quiet place and pray. I quiet all of the voice but the still small voice that speaks to my heart. For millions of years God has directed people to be in the right place at the right time and to make decisions that would have eternal rewards for their lives. This Election Day 2012 is no different. Whether you are for one candidate or the other is not the issue. Whether your candidate wins, well that’s not the issue either. The issue is did you pray for guidance and find a peace and resolve with the decision that you made?  Knowing who to vote for may not be as important as being able to discuss why you voted for them. “I like him better” is not acceptable in 2012. Voting for issues, voting for personalities…maybe its time to rethink this. How about trying to vote for the one that you feel in your spirit is right?
Israel missed the benefits of God’s plan many times. They had leaders that were not right. But God never stopped intervening in the process and taking a terrible decision and using it to bring out the best in them and for them. My prayer is that He will do the same today and as we, the “united” states of America move forward, we will do so with God’s blessing,  God’s favor and His grace. God bless America!

Now get out there and vote!