Thank You!

Thank you is expressed in many languages. Today I want to say thank you for those of you that enjoy a cup of joe with me each and every day. With so many people struggling in our nation and with all of the bad news swirling around us it is imperative that you and I do all that we can to get some good news each and every day. Feed your spirit and strengthen your life! I love to encourage others just like I love to be encouraged.
Oftentimes, you and I have dreams and visions of things to do in the future. I have watched people abandon a good idea, perhaps even a God one because their friends or family were not in favor of it. Our cemeteries today are filled with dead dreams and visions that were never realized.
Let me say to you today that YOU can do anything that God says you can do...YOU can be anything that He says you can be. God has an amazing plan for YOUR life! So it's time to go and do it!
Gracias for your comments here, your feedback on my personal Facebook page (cupofjoetv). Together WE are going to be ALL that GOD designed us to be!

Mahalo!, merci, thank you!